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Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Add: No.2 1st North Street Zhongguancun Beijing P.R. China

ZIP Code: 100190

Assistant Professor


Dr. Wenxin Fu

Research Interests:Organic/inorganic composite materials based on synthetic polypeptides, Functional polysiloxane

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Dr. Ailing Li

Research Interests:Biomedical materials

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Dr. Teng Lu

Research Interests:We focus on the area of the computational simulation on soft matter and biophysics, including phase transitions and dynamics of biomembranes, oriented buckling and controlled assembly of polymeric colloidal particles.

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Dr. Shanshan Xu

Research Interests:Biomaterials for implanted medical use

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Dr. Jingfa Yang

Research Interests:Interaction and dynamics of polymer at interface; Dynamics of polyelectrolyte in aqueous solution.

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Dr. Maojie Zhang

Research Interests:polymer solar cells

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Dr. Jianfen Zheng

Research Interests:Composite materials, multi-functional materials such as filtration membrane, bio-medical membrane.

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Dr. Wen Zhu

Research Interests:Controlled radical polymerization of topological polymers; Functional polymer micelles, supramolecular hydrogels, shaped nanoobjects

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