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Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

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Associate Professor


Dr. Fenghua Chen

Research Interests:Reaction-induced phase separation in the polymer blends. Morphology and toughness study in the epoxy/thermoplastic composites

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Dr. Chang He

Research Interests:Organic optoelectronic materials and devices

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Dr. Lijun Huo

Research Interests:Oranic semiconductor materials, organic photovoltaic cells, organic field transistor

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Dr. Hongliang Kang

Research Interests:Functionalizations of natural polymers and research polysaccharide nanocomposites

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Dr. Bin Kong

Research Interests:1.structure, conformation and property of polymer film; 2.dynamics of polymer crystallization

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Dr. Jiaoli Li

Research Interests:nanoporous/mesoporous polymer/hybrid film

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Dr. Fuxin Liang

Research Interests:Janus materials,Flame Retardant Microcapsule

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Dr. Yongri Liang

Research Interests:1. Crystallization behavior and multi-length scale structure evolution in multi-component polymer systems; 2.Polymer surface and interface; 3.Application of FTIR and Raman spectroscopy, x-ray scattering (SAXS, WAXS, GISAXS, GIWAXS) techniques in polymer materials

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Dr. Qi Liao

Research Interests:1.Theoretical prediction of relation of the properties and structure of polymer materials; 2.New algorithm in polymer computer simulation; 3.The topological theory of entangle in polymers.

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Dr. Ruigang Liu

Research Interests:1. Physics and Chemistry of Natural Polymers ; 2. Structure and properties of carbon fibers

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Dr. Yanping Ma

Research Interests:Reaction mechanism of catalyzed polymerization, theoretical study on the electronic and optical properties of polymer materials

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Dr. Xiaozhong Qu

Research Interests:Stimuli responsive polymers, Polymeric drug delivery systems & Hydrogel

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Dr. Hong Shen

Research Interests:Properties modification of biomedical polymers; interactions between biomaterials and cells; manufacture of tissue engineering scaffolds; controlled release of bioactive substances.

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Dr. Jiaye Su

Research Interests:Transport and self-assembly of nanoparticle, ion and water

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Dr. Qian Wang

Research Interests:capsules of phase change materials, superhydrophobic coating

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Dr. Fei Yang

Research Interests:1.Design and synthesis of biodegradable bio-medical used polylactones; 2. Manufacture of tissue engineering scaffolds and the use of these scaffolds in vivo and in vitro; 3. Manufacture of polylactone microcapsules and their applications in ultrasound diagnose and controlled drug release.

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Dr. Guangcui Yuan

Research Interests:Chain dynamics and self-assembling behavior in polymer solutions; Characterization of surface and interface structure in mutilayer materials; Shear thickening and liquid-solid transition in complex fluid

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Dr. Chengliang Zhang

Research Interests:Polymer composite particles; Functional Microcapsules; Janus particles

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Xiaoli Zhang

Research Interests:The Detection and Characterization of Polymer Molecular Weight and Distribution

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Dr. Ning Zhao

Research Interests:hybrid material,bio-inspired material

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