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Research Progress

PDT-S-T: A New Polymer with Optimized Molecular Conformation for Controlled Aggregation and π–π Stacking and Its Application in Efficient Photovoltaic Devices


Wu, Y., Li, Z., Ma, W.*, Huang, Y., Huo, L.*, Guo, X., Zhang, M., Ade, H. and Hou, J.*

Adv. Mater. 2013, 25, 3449-3455

The correlation among molecular conformation, the crystallinity of the morphology, propensity for π–π stacking, J- versus H-aggregation, and photovoltaic performance have been studied based on two newly designed polymers, PBDTTT-S-T and PDT-S-T. The results show that more linear backbone structure is helpful to improve photovoltaic properties of the polymer, and therefore, molecular conformation should be considered for molecular design of photovoltaic polymers