Ultraviolet Spectrophotometer

  • Model:TU-1901
  • Origin:China
  • Purchase:2009-12-09
Instrument Features:

Excellent optical systems, advanced electronic system to ensure that the 0.015% T low stray light;

Imported holographic grating, to achieve a low stray light;

Dual-beam dynamic feedback proportional metering system ensures recording baseline stability;

Grating, deuterium lamp, photomultiplier tubes and other key components are made of imported parts, ensuring excellent performance and long life;

Unique socket tungsten lamp and deuterium lamp, replace the lamp when replacing optical debugging;

There are a wealth of quantitative analysis software and spectral scanning and processing software;

There peristaltic sampler, minim cell holder thermostatted cell holder, optical integrating sphere, specular reflection, optical accessories and cuvettes series large user selectable special accessories, the instrument greatly expanded range of applications.