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2017518日,高分子物理与化学国家重点实验室在3#101会议室召开了高分子科学前沿讲座2017年第六期。本次由张科老师组邀请Prof. Scott M. GraysonTulane University, New Orleans, LA)作报告。


2016-present    Joseph H. Boyer Professor of Chemistry, Tulane University

2012-2016       Associate Professor, Tulane University

2005-2012      Assistant Professor, Tulane University

2002-2005     Post-doctoral research associate, University of Texas, Austin

2002             Ph.D., Polymer Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley

1998            M.Phil., Archaeological Chemistry, University of Bradford, UK

1996           B.S., Chemistry and Mathematics, Tulane University

B.A., History Tulane University


Within the last few decades, emerging tools in polymer chemistry have enabled the preparation of well-defined non-linear polymers: for example, cyclic, star, and dendritic polymers. These unique architectures impart surprising materials properties both in bulk and solution. Structural optimization can also yield potentially valuable biological properties such as increased blood circulation in vivo and reduced rates of degradation. Our interests focus on developing efficient synthetic techniques for the modular preparation of non-linear polymers, and evaluating their utility for a range of biological applications. Preliminary results for both transdermal drug delivery and gene therapy are promising, but perhaps equally as important, the systematic evaluation of polymer architectures can help elucidate the mechanism of macromolecular interactions in vivo.



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