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Highly efficient tandem polymer solar cell utilizing the sunlight within 800 nm
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 Highly efficient tandem polymer solar cell utilizing the sunlight within 800 nm

In order to design a highly efficient polymer solar cells with the confined photovoltaic response of the sunlight within 800 nm, two conjugated polymers, PDCBT and PBDT-TS1, were firstly used as the donor materials in tandem polymer solar cells. Although the films of these two polymers show overlapped absorption in the range from 550 nm to 650 nm, symmetric current densities in the sub-cells still can be realized by carefully optimization of the active layers thicknesses. In order to avoid the quantum loss due to the absorption of the interfacial layers, ZnO modified by PFN and MoO3 were selected as the n-type and p-type materials. In the intermediate layer, we added an ultra thin Ag (0.5 nm) to build ohmic-contact between MoO3 and ZnO, which was of significant importance to ensure high PCE of tandem device. The tandem polymer solar cells prepared under the optimal condition shows an outstanding PCE of 10.16%, with Voc = 1.60 V, Jsc = 11.65 mA/cm2 and FF = 54.47 %, which is among the top values in tandem cells, especially for the device with the confined absorption range in the visible band. Furthermore, with the rapid progress of new low band gap photovoltaic polymers, the tandem device reported in this work can also be used in constructing triple-junction cells, which will boost the PCE of polymer solar cells to higher level.


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